Trudy is a lively and playful young greyhound, who is just a very happy and affectionate girl. She is currently living in a foster home and although she is more playful than your average lazy greyhound – she is still very well behaved in the home and she enjoys her sleeps on a comfy bed/sofa. Trudy is very good with other dogs and just a nice young greyhound. She is just the funniest dog – she is permanently happy and wanders around in Trudy land where everything is great and everyone is nice. As she has lived in a foster home she in housetrained. At 11 months old she is not your average lazy retired greyhound – she is still a very young dog and she needs a family where someone is around for most of the day or where you have doggies day care solutions.

Trudy is cat workable if you follow the guidelines on cat and dog introductions.

If you have children and/or cats please read the relevant section on the website. If you have young children, both you and your children will need to attend training classes with your new dog.

Trudy has a pet passport.

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