Raleigh was rescued from the traveller community and is now looking for a new home.  He is just 18 months old and is bouncy, lively and great fun.  He needs a new family where he feels part of the pack – and so he knows what is expected of him.  He is a clever boy and he would love to go to training classes, but only a class using positive reinforcement.  He is very sensitive and doesn’t like being told off or shouted at.

He is great with other dogs but maybe too playful for older or quiet dogs.

Lurchers need a lot more exercise than greyhounds – please do not just be taken by how pretty he is – he needs a lot of exercise, both physical and mental.  He is no more lively than we would expect an average 18 month old lurcher/saluki to be,  but he is no greyhound!  He wants to play, then play and then play some more.  He will suit an active family who enjoy being outdoors and who are willing to put in the time and commitment to his training.

He is a super affectionate boy who will make a great family dog.  When he is not playing, his next favourite pastime is being cuddled up to you with his head on your knee.    He can live with cats so long as you follow the hounds and cats training guidance found in the adoption section.  He is playful, so he will chase your cats – but as the adult, you need to train him not to do this.

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