Greyhound Dental Problems

Does your greyhound have dental problems?

Retired racing greyhounds often have advanced periodontal and paradental disease by the time they arrive at the rescue. Because, at the racing kennels they are usually fed sloppy high bacterial food to give them peak hydration. Their owners are more concerned with physical performance than long-term health.  This very cheap food can be from the carcasses of diseased animals, which are sent to the rendering plant to be turned into pet food.  If the food is not cooked or sterilised it can easily form plaque and tartar on the greyhounds teeth. 

It will push back the lining of the gum, exposing the root, if not removed.  The soft diet and absence of routine dental care combine to create an environment ripe for any number of painful conditions.

The majority of our dogs receive a dental when they are neutered.  This is a great base for you to keep their teeth in good condition for the rest of the life. 

How Can I Solve My Greyhounds Dental Problems?

Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste

Do not use human toothpaste but do experiment with doggy toothpaste to find a one your greyhound likes.  You will need to brush his teeth daily.  We sell doggie tooth paste, brushes, finger brushes and a product to add baking soda to their drinking water, in our online shop.

Dental Scalers

They need to be used with properly so if you have not used one before ask your vet how to remove the plaque safely. Do not use without instruction because you can damage your dogs teeth if the scaler is not used correctly. 

Plaque Off

This is a seaweed based extract which if taken every day alters the chemistry of the dogs saliva making plague and tartar buildup less likely. It does smell of seaweed but if sprinkled on dog food the dogs do not seem to notice.  If used properly, this product really does seem to work  We have had very good feedback about it.

Feeding raw bones and/or kibble dog food will also help to keep your dogs teeth clean.

We also sell a natural crunchy bone which they dogs love. They are all made locally and contain no nasty ingredients. You can buy Scrumbles treats here.

Of course, if your greyhound is in any pain or his teeth are in very poor condition. You must seek professional advice from your vet.  

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