Dog Harness CosyDogs

Dog Harness CosyDogs


Made in the UK, CosyDogs CosyFit harnesses are very high quality, incredibly comfortable and easy to use.



8Dog Harness CosyDogs – soft, safe and perfect for greyhounds & lurchers and all other breeds. In a large range of colours & 4 sizes.

CosyDog dog harnesses are specially designed to minimise chaffing.  They are available in plain colours as well as in high visibility, designed for comfort as well as practicality.

If you have a new or nervous dog, a harness is ideal as it gives you greater control if you use a double ended lead.  Attach one part to the harness and the other one on the collar. Then if anything happens your dog cannot get out of his collar and escape because he is still attached to you via the harness.  The harness also allows you to have more control over your dog as you can restrain him better by holding onto the harness. This is very useful for non dog friendly greyhounds, dogs straight off the track, or for cat training.

You will then be more confident. Because you know your dog cannot escape if he gets scared, your dog will also be more confident.

Why use a dog harness

The harnesses are a god send to anyone with a nervous dog, a dog that refuses to walk because he is timid, if you are nervous with your dog, for a dog that is not small dog friendly or for cat training – just to name a few reasons why we really do recommend the cozydogs harness.

  • Neon fleece fabric which can have highly visible reflective retro tape added for extra safety.
  • Easy fit dog harness, no lifting and putting the dogs legs through to fit in.
  • Undo the two side clips to fit, all clips fully tested.
  • Neon soft fleece fabric, no rubbing from the strong webbing.
  • Fully adjustable on both sides of the harness, non-slip adjusters.
  • Very comfortable for the dog, no pulling around the neck part.
  • Let the dog run freely with the dog harness still on.
  • Machine washable.
  • If your coats has a hole to slip a lead through. The harness can be worn underneath the coat.  If not, the harness can be worm over a coat.

How to measure your dog for a dog harness

To chose the correct size, measure around the chest just behind the 2 front legs.  The measurements are in cms and can be adjusted between to 2 sizes for a correct fitting.  In cms the correct size will be

  •  2 (43-64 cms) is for a small puppy
  •  3 (49-70 cms) is for a whippet or puppy
  •  4 (51-78 cms)  is for a larger whippet,  lurcher or small greyhound
  •  5 (62-85 cms) is for a standard greyhound;- most male and the larger female greyhounds fit this size unless very   small or very large
  •  6 (75-102 cms)  is for a very large male greyhound – they dogs are usually 40+ kgs

All sizes are adjustable to suit your dog.

The dog harness should be used with a double lead.  We sell 3 types Halti

The dog harness can use used in conjunction with a universal car seat belt clip. 

We are all volunteers at KGR.   So, when you buy from our shop you are directly helping us save more lives. All profits from the shop help KGR rescue, rehabilitate and rehome more greyhounds, lurchers, whippets, galgos, or podencos.  We get no funding from the racing industry – our shop really does allow us to continue the work we do.

Additional information

Weight 500 g

Red, Pink Hi Viz, Pink, Yellow, Black, Black Hi Viz, Light Blue, Orange, Dark Green, Light Green, Dark Blue Hi Viz, Red Hi Viz, Purple, Grey, Dark Blue, Light Blue High Viz, Green Camo, Lilac, White Pawprints, Black Pawprints


Size 3, Size 4, Size 5, Size 6, Size 2, Size 1