Rectangular Sleeper Beds

From: £18.99

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Rectangular Sleeper Beds

From: £18.99

Super comfortable rectangular sleeper beds for your dog.  Made by Gorpets.



Super comfy and durable, these stylish beds will keep their shape and look good in any home. 6” deep and filled with 100% polyester pocketed blown fibre to ensure they keep their shape while providing maximum comfort. Additional covers are also available for washing spares or just for a change of look.

Measures 28 x 42 inches, this bed is large enough for your greyhound or any other large breed of dog and it is extremely comfortable!  Unless otherwise stated all beds are large (28 x 42).  The medium is 22 x 30 inches.

The Manhattan range are the ones with a stitched cross on the top and Davini range is similar to a cord material and The Camden range is the tartan material.

The medium size is for a small lurcher or whippet.

Available in wipe down nylon for muddy paws in brown.  The nylon bed has a carry handle and is water resistant.

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Sleeper Bed Or Cover

Manhatten Black/Grey Bed, Manhatten Black/Grey Bed Medium, Manhatten Brown Bed, Davini Mocha Bed, Davini Black Bed, Camden Purple Bed, Camden Red Bed, Manhatten Brown Cover, Davini Black Cover, Davini Mocha Cover, Davini Rust Cover, Outdoor Blue Cover, Manhatten Plum Cover

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