We are all totally in love with Casper. He is an absolute sweetheart of a boy, with really simple needs. Give him a nice walk, a nice dinner, followed by an evening of cuddles on the sofa, and Casper is the happiest dog alive.

This bring tears to our eyes because he is very lucky to be alive. We can all learn from a dog like this ….. he has picked himself up and learned to live life to the full. He is enthusiastic about everything and bring a smile to the face of everyone he meets. He wriggles up to all the humans he meets outside on his walks and is making the world a better place, one happy human at a time.

Capser is looking for a fairly quiet home (he can sleep 21hrs a day!). He can be an only dog if his family are around a lot of the time, or could live with a working family that work away from home if there is another quiet dog. He lives happily with four other dogs in his foster home. Casper would not like to live with a very lively dog. This is because casper has only one eye and crazy play time can worry him.

Casper is happy with a one hour walk every day, and will then settle down to snooze. He is very well behaved, toilet trained and has basic obedience. Unusually, he is a dog that noticeably loves his name and gets all giddy and smoochy when he hears it.

Everyone comments on how handsome he is – he’s a real head turner. Now he just needs his own happy human.

His story can be found on our blog

Casper’s journey to KGR – a very happy ending

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